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October 12, 2023

Dennis Doss
General Manager


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Doss Docs came to XRay to build a Softr portal that would let their clients quickly download reports about their legal documents.


Doss Docs (a product of Doss Law) is a document generation service that lets customers quickly create legal docs for common scenarios such as buying a house, securing a loan, and more. Doss Docs is particularly focused on generating On Demand Mortgage Loan Documents.

Every document generated by Doss Docs is created through Gavel (formerly known as Documate).

The Challenge

Doss Law wanted to improve the convenience and functionality of their product for their users. 

They planned to enable their users to export data from their previously generated documents for simplified regulatory reporting or general reference.  

Without the ability to automatically export the data, Doss Docs’ clients would have needed to copy and paste 30-40 fields manually into a spreadsheet for every document. 

Doss Docs wanted to reduce this process to a few quick clicks, and considered using tools like Zapier to automate the workflow. 

The Solution

XRay built an automated reporting feature for Doss Docs using Airtable to capture the relevant data and a user portal. 

Whenever one of Doss Law’s clients fills out a Doss Docs form in Gavel, a webhook is sent to Airtable to securely save all of the user’s submission data into an Airtable database. 

That same Airtable database serves as the backend for Doss Docs’ new Softr portal. 

Doss Docs’ clients can log in to the Softr portal with their email address and a one-time code. Then, they can view every document they’ve created with Doss Docs, filter them by type, and export them as .CSV or XLS files. 

The exported file includes all of the information that Doss Docs’ clients need to report to follow industry regulations, saving them a significant amount of time that would have been spent copying and pasting dozens of cells of data.

The Results

In the first two weeks that automated reporting was available, 42 clients began using the system to generate their reports, avoiding 20-30 minutes of manual data entry for each report they created.

When they began planning this project, Doss Docs initially expected to use Zapier and a custom website to implement the new feature. XRay’s team was able to deliver a more streamlined solution with Airtable and Softr instead, drastically cutting down the project’s budget and completion time.

"XRay built my project much faster and cheaper than I had expected. They looked at the problem I was trying to solve, and they found the best tools to get the job done quickly, and done right."

Dennis Doss
General Manager

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