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December 5, 2022

Matt Rose
Operations & IT Manager


Automated Steps


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Hours Saved per New Hire



Level’s main objective for their XRay membership was to create a consistent and transparent end-to-end process for their hiring and onboarding workflows. In this case study, we’ll take a look at the automated workflow that we built to help Level create new accounts and prepare all of the resources they need to onboard a new hire.


Level is a digital marketing company that uses data-driven methods to generate customers for their clients.

The Challenge

As a successful and growing agency, Level frequently needs to onboard the new talent joining their ranks. Before a new hire can start working, Level needs to prepare them with new accounts, hardware, and other crucial resources. 

Manually creating Asana tasks to manage onboarding preparation proved to be a pain point for Level’s team, making it difficult to keep track of all the applications and material that needed to be accounted for with each new hire. 

Level needed an automated project management system, so the necessary Asana tasks would always be created whenever a new employee became part of the team.

The Solution

Whenever a candidate accepts a job offer from Level, the onboarding preparation automation begins by creating accounts for the new hire in several key pieces of software, such as Microsoft Office, Harvest, Pay with Extend, and Lastpass. All of these credentials are automatically stored in Lastpass, so the new team member can get started with a single login.

If Level’s current plan for a given piece of software doesn’t have any more licenses for a new user, then the automation will create an Asana task prompting IT to add an additional seat. Once the task is marked as complete, the account creation module runs again to set up the account. 

Going beyond account creation, the onboarding prep automation creates a project in Asana to manage every task that Level needs to complete before welcoming their new employee.

Several tasks and sub-tasks are automatically populated with the details of the new hire and assigned within the project, directing the relevant members of Level’s team to set up payroll, prepare laptops and equipment, and perform other tasks to get ready for onboarding. 

The onboarding preparation project and all of its tasks are created based off of templates in Asana, which Level can customize and edit however they’d like. If their procedures for new hires change, they can update the project in Asana without having to edit the automations themselves.

The Results

With their automated onboarding preparation workflow, Level’s team is better equipped than ever to prepare for the arrival of a new employee. All of the tasks they need to complete are created automatically, and their team leads can view the progress of each step by just checking Asana. 

Because so many tasks like account creation are accomplished automatically, Level’s IT department can focus their time on tasks that can’t be automated, like acquiring and configuring devices for new employees.

“XRay has given our process a consistency that we just didn’t have before. With this automation, all of the information I need to prepare a new employee for onboarding is right where I need it, and I don’t need to go searching for missing details.”

Matt Rose
Operations & IT Manager

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