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December 12, 2022

Allyn Reynolds
Operations Manager


Automated Steps


Departments Coordinated


Hours Saved per New Hire



Level’s main objective for their XRay membership was to create a consistent and transparent end-to-end process for their hiring and onboarding workflows. In this case study, we’ll take a look at the automated workflow that we built to help Level onboard new hires and familiarize them with the company.


Level is a digital marketing company that uses data-driven methods to generate customers for their clients.

The Challenge

Joining a new company always involves an extensive amount of learning and training for the new employee. To make sure that their new team members are fully trained and ready to get started, Level schedules a series of meetings and check-ins for each new hire, along with a detailed curriculum of training tasks. 

Level needed a way to create a consistent onboarding experience for every employee. The system also had to account for onboarding multiple new hires with overlapping first weeks, and needed to coordinate efforts between several departments, including HR, IT, and the new employee’s department.

The Solution

Once an employee starts working at Level, they are now automatically added to a series of onboarding orientation meetings and check-ins over the course of their first 10 work days. Every meeting is scheduled in Outlook or Microsoft Teams based on a shared company calendar. The automation finds time slots with availability for everyone who needs to be at each meeting. If there are no appropriate times, then the automation sends a notification to Slack to manually reschedule the meeting.

If two or more employees start their onboarding process within the same two-week period, the automated workflow adds all of the new hires to the same orientation meetings and check-ins as appropriate. 

Each new employee is also automatically assigned to a curriculum of training tasks that they need to complete to familiarize themselves with the company’s procedures and their specific responsibilities. 

Level has full access to customize and update the onboarding workflow with new events and tasks as they refine the onboarding experience over time.

The Results

XRay’s automated system ensures that all of Level’s new employees receive a consistent onboarding experience that prepares them for their career at Level, without requiring their team to manually coordinate dozens of meetings and orientation events. 

The automated workflow also enables Level’s managers and supervisors to keep track of each new hire’s progress through the onboarding curriculum, and update the process as needed.

“Scaling our company has been a key strategic priority for us recently. If we want to find and keep the right people for Level, we need to make sure that their onboarding experience is great from day one. These automations help us to put our best foot forward with every new hire, without giving our team more work to do.”

Allyn Reynolds
Operations Manager

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