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August 1, 2022

Jo Handley
Head of Strategy


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72Point needed a simple way to enable their teams to collaborate on stories and view each other’s progress.


As an international media group, 72Point needs to coordinate efforts among several teams and departments for every story that they produce.

The Challenge

Researchers, artists, writers, editors all need to contribute to each story, and efficiently tracking everyone’s progress was posing a challenge for 72Point. Their various departments were using completely different tools, with teams scattered between Trello, Asana, Hubspot, Google Docs, and more.

The Solution

XRay.Tech built a seamless end-to-end system that lets everyone at 72Point easily collaborate on stories and stay apprised of any given story’s status. We worked with 72Point to create a robust project management system in Notion, which their entire team can use to track their tasks and update the progress of their assignments.

While the sales team still uses Hubspot as a CRM, their activity is automatically synced to Notion to make sure that their work doesn’t become siloed. To ensure that team leads are aware of major project updates, we configured several custom Slack alerts that get sent whenever a project reaches a milestone specified by 72Point. For instance, the Sales Lead gets a Slack notification whenever an editorial lead is assigned to a project. Behind the scenes, the entire system runs on Notion and Airtable, with Datafetcher syncing information between the apps as needed.

The Results

With their new streamlined project management system, XRay has helped 72Point to eliminate about 5 hours of manual work on each story, resulting in about 2,500 hours of time saved to date.

The entire system costs less than $100/mo to run, and 72Point’ sales team and editorial team are able to work together much more efficiently.

"This is a wonderfully simplified system. Now we have complete transparency into how stories are written, designed, delivered and distributed. This entire process was fragmented and nearly impossible to track before when we were doing everything manually. Now, Notion and Airtable do all the heavy lifting and we can finally start visualizing our team's progress with confidence.”

Jo Handley
Head of Strategy

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