About XRay.Tech

XRay.Tech is a workflow optimization consultancy that specializes in building automations to help people save time.

Our workflow experts empower company leaders to reclaim their time and attention.

XRay analyzes every aspect of your business and tools to discover opportunities for automation.

Our Mission

XRay’s guiding mission is to create over
1 billion hours of mindful work for humans.

Who We Are

We are a community of automators, engineers, researchers, critical thinkers and more. Our shared values guide the work that we do, and the impact we hope to make.

We build automations to enable people and amplify their impact, not to replace them.

We believe people should be empowered to direct their attention to what matters most to them.

We champion honesty, transparency, and candor over making a sale.

XRay's Founding Team

Tom Nassr, XRay Co-Founder
Tom Nassr, Co-Founder
A serial entrepreneur, Tom founded and lead design agency Checkmate.Digital for several years before starting XRay.Tech in the beginning of 2021. His goal is to use workflow design to help knowledge workers of the future make a greater impact.
Mark Campos, XRay Co-Founder
Mark Campos, Co-Founder
Mark spent the last decade working for Waze at Google in UX, Data Science, Design, Marketing, and Product Management. During 2020, Mark led Marketing at CVKey Project, helping communities recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Learn From Us

Looking to level up your career and future-proof your skills? Learn how to design and implement time-saving automations in our upcoming Workflow Design course.

We’ll teach you the core skills of this emerging profession at the intersection of AI, no-code/low-code, systems architecture, and change management.

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