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July 22, 2022

Amelia McQueen
Business Operations Manager
"This is incredible. The robots are doing so much of this work, and it's way better than we could have done it ourselves."


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Automate Client Onboarding and Account Provisioning


Journey is a mental health company that provides video resources to handle the stressors of modern work environments. When a company creates an account with Journey, their employees are granted access to the Journey App where they can explore high quality video content.

The Challenge

Journey needed a better approach to Client Onboarding. Their existing system resulted in scattered data with no clear source of truth, and required hours of manual work to create new accounts and grant access to each company’s employees.

The Solution

XRay.Tech built a series of automations to support Journey’s client onboarding process. Whenever their team marks a deal as “Closed/Won” in Salesforce, the automation generates a unique ID for the client and calls an API endpoint to provision new user accounts.

Part of Journey’s account provisioning process requires obtaining a CSV from each client with login details for their employees. If the CSV isn’t formatted properly, the client’s employees won’t be able to access the app. To help streamline this process, we built an automation that lets Journey’s team easily update an improperly formatted CSV with just a few clicks, all while keeping the contents of the file totally private and secure.

The Results

With their newly automated workflows for client onboarding, Journey has saved 25 hours on each new client, for a total of 250 hours to date.

"This is incredible. The robots are doing so much of this work, and it's way better than we could have done it ourselves. The documentation is also amazing – we’re ready to start training our staff how to perform this workflow right away!"

Amelia McQueen
Business Operations Manager

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