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January 6, 2022


Hours Saved Each Month


Automated Invoices Sent Each Week


Automated Steps in This Workflow

Membership Objective

Improve Sociable Society’s billing process so their team can spend less time sending out invoices.

The Challenge

The Sociable Society came to XRay to automate the process of creating and sending invoices to their clients.

The Solution

XRay built an Automated Sales Data Workflow that creates a Quickbooks invoice using client data in Sociable Society’s CRM, Copper. The Sociable Society team can now send full or partial invoices by filling out a simple Airtable form, and the automation updates both Quickbooks and Copper to keep records consistent.

The Results

In addition to saving nearly 4 hours each week, building this automation has created Sociable Society’s automated infrastructure, paving the way for future workflow enhancements.

“XRay’s automation has freed up several hours each week that I used to spend on invoicing and updating my CRM. It’s made my work much faster and easier, and has given me the peace of mind that I keep running the company while taking care of my baby.”

Emily Fonda
Co-Founder of the Sociable Society

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