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November 28, 2022

JT Smith
Associate VP of Operations


Offers Processed in 6 Months


Total Automated Steps


Departments Coordinated



Level’s main objective for their XRay membership was to create a consistent and transparent end-to-end process for their hiring and onboarding workflows. In this case study, we’ll take a look at the automated workflow that we built to support Level’s process for sending employment offers.


Level is a digital marketing company that uses data-driven methods to generate customers for their clients.

The Challenge

Hiring new talent is a critical process for any agency, and it’s one that requires input from several departments to run smoothly. 

Level needed a system to help their legal, HR, IT, and management teams coordinate their efforts for sending employment offers. They needed to ensure that they could track the progress of every offer, and let each department know when their input or approval was needed. 

Before coming to XRay, Level managed their hiring workflows with manually created tasks and check-ins. As with any busy company, Level often found a task management app alone wasn’t enough to keep track of everyone’s work. Tasks would sometimes fall through the cracks or get delayed as department heads weren’t always notified of the progress made by other teams. 

Level needed a system that shouldered the tedious burden of creating and assigning tasks so that their employees could focus on the job at hand.

The Solution

To support Level’s hiring process, XRay built an automated workflow that standardizes every step of sending a job offer.

The automation starts running whenever a hiring manager fills out a form to create a job offer for a given position. 

Then, the system automatically drafts a templated offer in Formstack which is sent over to the legal team for review, who are notified via Slack. In many cases, the legal team can simply approve the template as-is. However, if they need to make any adjustments for unique circumstances, they can easily edit and redraft the template through Microsoft Word.

When the offer receives approval from the legal team, the finalized contract is automatically sent to the candidate. 

Once the candidate accepts or rejects the offer, their decision is automatically logged in Airtable. If the candidate doesn’t respond, each offer is configured to automatically expire after a certain amount of time. 

An accepted offer triggers an onboarding workflow with several tasks in Asana, which we’ll cover in an upcoming case study.

The Results

With automatically created Slack notifications and simple contract templates, Level doesn’t have to worry about crucial steps of their hiring process getting lost in the noise of day-to-day work. Every milestone is automatically recorded, and their team doesn’t need to check in constantly on the progress of each offer. They know they’ll get notified once a decision is made.

“XRay’s automations make it much easier for us to manage and track our hiring process. It lets us create transparency and accountability without having to give someone the job of just constantly checking on the offers we’ve sent.”

JT Smith
Associate VP of Operations

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