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October 14, 2021

Vincent Miceli
CEO of Verb


Hours Saved Each Month


New Coaches Onboarded to Date


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Verb's goal with their XRay.Tech membership was to streamline the process of creating coach profile pages to onboard more coaches each month.


Verb is a wellness and fitness company that connects coaches and instructors with individuals. Every new coach that joins Verb needs their own web page with a brief profile and their available services.

The Challenge

Verb needed a quicker way to upload profile pages for each of their new coaches with unique bios and coaching services.

The Solution

We built an Automated Onboarding Workflow that allows Verb’s team to compile content and publish coach pages in a fraction of the time. Verb’s coaches just need to fill out a simple Typeform survey, and our automation creates a Webflow page complete with Stripe products. Verb can then review the newly created page and publish it with one click.

The Results

Our automation reduced an approximately hour-long onboarding process to just 5 minutes. As a result, Verb now saves about 12 hours/mo.

“Verb has been growing fast, and XRay’s Integromat automation has been a lifesaver. It’s so much faster now to make pages for all of our coaches, and we don’t need to waste time messing around in Webflow or Stripe. It all just happens with one survey.”

Vincent Miceli
CEO of Verb

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