Use XRay Workflow to Assemble Resources from Anywhere on the Web

As a freelancer or agency, the success of an entire project often depends on executing a perfect delivery. With XRay Workflow, you can assemble a board with resources from any web app to deliver your project with a single link.

Written by
Matt Jasinski

February 1, 2023

Delivery of your work as a freelancer is just as important as the actual work you do. A smooth delivery means more repeat business and less questions from your client, and XRay Workflow has all the tools you need to prepare for delivery.

XRay Workflow is a tool-agnostic homescreen for your everyday work. It’s a versatile tool for saving and sharing resources from all over the web.It lets you save and immediately access websites, web apps, text, and even webhooks.

In this post and the accompanying video, we’ll show you a few examples to illustrate what XRay Workflow can do. Download XRay Workflow for free at to follow along with this post in your own workspace. 

Saving text in a pin for easy one-click copy and paste

First, let’s take a look at making a simple text pin. You can just click on the plus sign to add a new pin to any section.

Then, you can give the pin a name, a description, and a color. 

Next, you can pick the pin type. To save a snippet of text to copy later, select “Text”. 

Now you can add the content that you want to store and access in this pin, like how we’ve added a text snippet that promotes our latest case study. 

Click on “Add Pin” to finish. Now, you can just click on “Copy” to grab this text whenever you want to add it to an email or message.

Everyone on your team will have easy access to that same pin, so everyone can find and copy the correct link with a single click. 

Embedding Google Slides presentations and other web apps

Saving text is convenient, but it’s just the start of what you can do with XRay Workflow. XRay Workflow lets you embed most popular web apps, so you can also embed Notion pages, Airtable bases, CRM portals, and so much more. 

For instance, you can embed a Google Slides presentation so it can be viewed directly from XRay Workflow.

Just create a new pin, grab the presentation’s embed URL from Google Slides, and paste it in the “Embed URL” field.

Save the pin. Then, you can view the slide deck without needing to open up a new app or tab in your browser.

This is especially useful when sharing resources with a lead or a client, since you can make sure that you and your team are always using the most up-to-date presentation. 

Try building a board that’s all about engaging with new leads. Embed your presentations, your case studies, your contact forms, and your booking calendar. You’ll have everything you need for lead calls and follow-up in one convenient spot.

Trigger actions and automations with webhooks

For our last Pin example, let’s take a look at push pins.

Push pins let you save a webhook with URL encoded data and trigger it with a click. 

For instance, at XRay, we use a time tracking system built in Airtable and Google Calendar. To create a new event, any of our team members can just click on a pre-configured push pin, like the one pictured below, and the webhook triggers the automation to run.

You can use push pins to run anything that accepts webhooks. That includes everything from starting your roomba and turning on your lights with Google Home to logging your time.

Anything you can do with IFTTT, Zapier, or Make, can be launched with a simple push pin to initiate the trigger. 

Delivering automated workflow and other projects

XRay Workflow is great for organizing resources for any purpose, like delivering automated workflows and systems. 

As a freelancer or an agency, you can use XRay Workflow to put everything your client needs in one place. You can save practical documentation right alongside the tools and resources your client needs to run the automations you produce. 

For example, let’s say you’ve built an automation to help your client onboard new employees. The automation starts whenever a new record is added to a specified Airtable view.

With XRay Workflow, you can create embed pins for the Airtable form that launches the automation, the Asana tasks that the automation creates, the Notion documentation that explains how to use it, and a flow chart to bring it all alive. 

All of those resources can be sent to your client with a single URL. Just convert a board into a public board, copy the URL, and share it with your client. You can even add a password to the board for extra security. 

Forget about sending a long email with a dozen links that just gets lost in your client’s inbox. XRay Workflow lets you complete delivery with a single link.

Download XRay Workflow today

XRay Workflow is currently in beta development. Right now, it’s free to download for individual and team accounts.

If you’d like one-on-one support and custom configuration for your workspace, just contact our team here

XRay Workflow is built with enterprise grade security, runs as a desktop and web application, and can even be used on mobile devices - making all your resources just a click or tap away. 

Make Project Delivery Seamless with XRay Workflow

Sharing several links can make it difficult for your clients to find everything they need to use your automations, and a messy delivery can undermine even the best projects. 

Try XRay Workflow for the easiest, fastest, and most intuitive delivery that your clients will have ever experienced. Just go to to get started.

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