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Need help with Zapier, Make, Airtable, Webflow or another low-code tool? Just go to to get expert support on a flexible, hourly basis.

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Tom Nassr
Matt Jasinski

October 23, 2023

Every low-code builder runs into problems from time to time. 

But where do you go to find the help you need to quickly fix some bugs? Where can you go to work and learn alongside a vetted low-code expert?

As a low-code agency, we want to make it as easy as possible for anyone to find the quality low-code support that they need, or to offer their services as a builder in this emerging space. 

That’s why we’re pleased to introduce you to LowCodeEngineers

What is LowCodeEngineers?

LowCodeEngineers is XRay’s new service for connecting anyone with low-code experts who can build, fix, or update their low-code projects.

LowCodeEngineers can help you to design and deploy a site in Webflow, create an automation in Zapier or Make, set up a database system in Airtable, and a whole lot more.

Engage with low-code experts on an hourly basis

You can get support at any scale from LowCodeEngineers. Whether you want help on a long-term project or just need another set of eyes for a quick fix, LowCodeEngineers has you covered. 

You can hire vetted builders on an hourly basis for convenience and flexibility. Just go to, book some time and describe your goals to get matched with a qualified expert. 

We handle all of the logistics; you just need to show up to the call and be ready to talk about what you want to have built. 

After your call, you’ll be sent an XRay Workflow resources board with all relevant materials from your call. 

How to use LowCodeEngineers as a customer

So how does it work?

First, let’s take a look at how you can use LowCodeEngineers to book time with an engineer. Then, I’ll give you some information about signing up as an engineer if you’re looking to get paid for working with the tools you know and love. 

Book 1, 4, or 10 hours to get started

To get started, just got to, and click on “Hire an Engineer” at the top of the page.

Then, choose the amount of time you want to schedule. We offer packages of 1, 4, and 10 hours. 

This will take you directly to a booking calendar showing every available time slot with a qualified low-code builder. Pick a time that works for you, then enter your email to receive a verification code. 

The verification code just helps us to keep the site and everyone’s appointments secure.

Describe your project, your problems, and your goals

Fill in your name and phone number. Then, we’ll ask you for some basic information about you and the support you’re looking for. 

The more detail you provide here, the better we’ll be able to match you with the right expert. Make sure to note all of the software that you’re using, the problem you’re experiencing, and what you’re trying to accomplish. 

To finish scheduling your appointment, you’ll need to enter your payment information and click “Pay now”.

Every appointment is billed at a rate of $250 an hour. This rate makes it affordable for anyone to get hourly low-code support, and ensures that we can provide fair compensation for the network of expert builders on the platform. 

Manage your LowCodeEngineers projects with an XRay Workflow resources board

Once you’ve scheduled some time, we’ll automatically send you your own personalized XRay Workflow board for managing your LowCodeEngineers appointments. 

XRay Workflow is a tool that we’ve built to organize and share resources from anywhere on the web. 

On your board, you’ll see a brief slide deck explaining the process of working with a low-code engineer, including the Rules for the Call, and the 100% regund guaranteed policy. 

You’ll also see XRay.Tools, an automation search engine built by XRay.Tech to help you discover what you could automate with the tools you’re already using. 

Additionally, you’ll see a pin called “Debriefs”.

This is where all of your meeting recordings, AI summaries, and full transcripts will live for every appointment that you book with LowCodeEngineers.

This resources board is also where your engineer will save resources for you to review another time. Things like API docs, useful links, or even tutorial videos that the engineer wants to share with you will all be referenced in this one resources board. 

After your call is finished, you can return to your board to review material from previous sessions, or to book more time with your engineer. 

How to use LowCodeEngineers as a low-code expert

LowCodeEngineers is just as easy for everyone on the other side of the equation. 

If you’re a low-code builder looking for a good way to get paid for your expertise, then LowCodeEngineers is right for you. 

With hourly engagements, we excel at flexibility. Whether you’re a freelancer or a full-time professional starting a side hustle, you can find gigs that fit your schedule on LowCodeEngineers. 

If you’re interested, just go to and click on “Become an Engineer” to apply today. 

That link will take you to a calendar where you can schedule an interview with the team responsible for vetting your expertise. 

Be prepared to give a demo of a system you’ve built on your tool of choice, and let us know what your availability is for taking on new customers. 

If you’re approved, you’ll be onboarded into LowCodeEngineers, and you’ll be able to claim appointments. 

You’ll also get access to XRay Workflow as an editor so you can see and manage all of the resources boards for the customers that you’ve claimed.

This shared resources board gives you control over all the information that the client can see, and helps focus their attention on the aspects of your work that require their input or acknowledgement. 

No more messing around with negotiations, or writing out complicated contracts, or figuring out ways to send and receive payment. 

Just claim a request, show up to the appointment, and share your expertise. 

All the project management that used to bog you down will be taken care of: from followup emails and payment to call recordings and transcripts. LowCodeEngineers handles all of the logistical tasks, so you can focus on doing the work. 

Why we created LowCodeEngineers

We built LowCodeEngineers to help everyone in the low-code space, from builders and agencies to companies and entrepreneurs trying to save some time with low-code tools. 

For low-code builders, finding work can often be a challenge. And frankly, freelancer sites like Upwork and Fiverr are a race to the bottom. 

They encourage talented freelancers to constantly undercut each other’s prices in an extremely competitive environment, while leaving much of the logistical work up to the users. 

Negotiating terms, requirements, and timelines for each project is left up to each individual builder, adding unnecessary complication to every task. 

And things aren’t any better for the customers and clients in this setup. 

Projects and problems come in all shapes and sizes. 

Sometimes, you’re just looking for a quick fix, and it’s not worth it to hire an agency on a monthly retainer. But scouring typical freelancer sites makes it difficult to find someone with proven experience, in addition to the unavoidable negotiations. 

LowCodeEngineers makes it easy for anyone to book time with a vetted expert, complete their project or fix some bugs, and get back to work. 

For experts, LowCodeEngineers makes it easy to apply, offer their services, give support, and build a book of business. 

With automated and AI systems for project management, it's never been easier for an expert to manage dozens of clients. 

Book low-code support from vetted experts at an affordable rate

Now there's a better way to work in the low-code space. For a flat hourly rate of $250, LowCodeEngineers connects you with vetted low-code builders who can keep your projects moving along. 

And with software like XRay Workflow and XRay.Tools, you and your engineer can easily stay connected and informed of what's possible with the low-code apps you already use. 

Just go to today to try it out. 

If you’d like to learn more about building low-code projects, be sure to check out our blog or our YouTube channel. You can also follow XRay on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.


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