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Our Approach to Selecting a Versatile, Talented Team for Each Member

Building great automated workflows requires a collaborative effort from everyone involved. At XRay, our Project Managers and technicians work together to create automations that save time for our members. Learn more about how we build flexible teams for each member in this blog post.

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July 28, 2021

Much of the work we do every day is defined by the people we work with. As you’re considering XRay.Tech as an option for building automated workflows, you’re likely curious about what your team will actually be like, and how you’ll work together.

In this post, we’ll explain who you’ll work with if you decide to start an XRay membership, and how everyone on your team will contribute to the success of your membership. 

Your XRay Project Manager Coordinates our Efforts

Every XRay member is assigned a project manager. Your project manager will be your main point of contact at XRay, and they’ll coordinate efforts between our two teams to ensure that we’re making constant, consistent progress. 

Over the course of your membership, you’ll get to know your PM well as you talk daily on Slack and once a week during regular Zoom meetings. In turn, it’s your PM’s responsibility to understand your goals and use cases, and to see how automation can fit into the long-term plans of your business. 

An automation is only useful if it performs a task that serves your business and your employees. While technical skill is required to set up an automated infrastructure, it’s equally important to understand the operational context of each automation. 

Each automated workflow needs to be easy to operate, and the data or assets it produces need to be suitable for your team to work with. 

With a birds-eye view of your organization, your PM will help to give our technicians the context they need to build automations that fit your business. 

Your XRay Technician Team Builds Your Automations

At XRay, our technicians are the skilled low-code specialists who build automations for our members and for our internal use. 

In addition to a project manager, each XRay member will work with several technicians as they design, build, and maintain automated workflows. 

While your project manager will stick with you for the long-term, the team of technicians who build your automations will be a bit more fluid in order to match the right person to the right task. 

Collectively, our techs have a wide array of specialized skills and experience. Some are experts in particular automation platforms, and will be brought into the fold if your latest project requires knowing the intricacies of Integromat or Parabola. Others have the programming experience needed to create complex low-code automations with custom API queries. They’ll step in when your automation needs to go beyond the capabilities of prebuilt integrations. 

Throughout your membership, you’ll likely see many different techs pop in and out as we tackle different workflows that require different expertise. Your project manager will make sure that any new tech brought onboard will be up to speed on Day 1, so the changes in personnel won’t slow down our progress.

Our Leadership Team Keeps an Eye on the Long Term

While most of your day-to-day conversations will be with your project manager and technicians, XRay’s leadership will stay in touch with you throughout your membership. 

XRay Co-Founders Tom Nassr and Mark Campos will meet with you on a regular basis to discuss the long-term strategy of your membership. They’ll also help you to form proactive partnerships with our other XRay members whenever they see an opportunity that could be beneficial for everyone involved.

One of the reasons we prefer a membership model to working on a per-project basis is because we often find that many of our different members are working on similar problems or share similar goals. Memberships enable us to make better connections between the companies we work with. 

A Collaborative Effort

Under the direction of our leadership team, your XRay project manager and technicians will form a versatile, talented team that offers long-term stability and technical flexibility throughout the duration of your membership. Together, they’ll build automated workflows that perform to specifications and make your team’s workday easier. 

If you’d like to learn more about how XRay builds automations, check out our blog or our YouTube channel, or follow XRay on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You can also contact us if you have any questions or want to talk to us about your automation goals.

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