Create More Time.
Drive Better Results.

Our experienced consulting team will analyze, automate, and document your workflows for future growth.

Engage XRay for an individual automation project, or craft a long-term strategy for your business with an XRay Membership.

Start a Chief Workflow Officer membership with XRay to build a long-term automation strategy

Workflow Assessment

Meet with XRay’s workflow consultants to analyze key processes and discover your team’s best opportunities for automation.

Deliverables include:
• Workflow Automation Roadmap
• Interview Results Analysis

Schedule an audit
XRay's workflow consultants analyze your sources of truth and critical inputs and outputs during a workflow assessment

Membership Trial

With a 90-day trial membership focusing on a specific workflow, watch as bottlenecks melt away and systems communicate on a totally new level.

Our Membership Trial is ideally suited to scaling organizations focused on eliminating operational friction for a specific department or process.

Talk with Member Operations
automate a key process with a 90-day membership

Annual Membership

With full maintenance support, members benefit from consistent performance optimizations and on-the-fly answers from knowledgable experts. Remain enabled even as the technology you use evolves. 

As a member, you'll receive extra benefits like free access to XRay.Tech software, and priority support on all your key tools.

Only Available After completing trial membership
Start a Chief Workflow Officer Membership with XRay to craft and execute a long-term automation strategy

Not sure where to start with automation?

Hop on a 15-minute call with an XRay automation consultant to discuss your options and learn more about how we can help your team to get more done.

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