Process Blueprints

Process Blueprints are pre-designed, industry-agnostic automations. We’ve built each blueprint so many times for so many industries that implementing them only requires a few weeks.

XRay analyzes every aspect of your business and tools to discover opportunities for automation.

Blueprint Catalog

Pick a blueprint from the options below to get started. Each blueprint can be customized to reflect the software you use.

Draft and Sign Legal Documents

Draft legal documents by filling out a quick survey and automatically send them out for review with a single click in apps like Docusign.  

Automate your NDAs, Client Contracts, Contractor Agreements, Employment Agreements and more.

Create Presentations with a Survey

Create media-rich presentations by filling out a short survey. Slide decks are created in Google Slides and can be automatically shared or exported as PDFs.

Automate your Welcome Decks, Sales Pitches, Capstone Delivery Decks, Quarterly Business Reviews, and more.

Onboard Employees and Clients

Give your new hires and clients everything they need to get started. Kick everything off with a survey, or gather the necessary data from a CRM like Hubspot.

Automatically provision accounts, create folder structures, share resources and more.

Create To-dos with Chat Reactions

Create and assign to-dos by adding an emoji reaction to a message in apps like Slack or Microsoft Teams. Tasks can be assigned in apps like Asana, Trello, Monday or Jira.

Use a different emoji for each team member to create and assign tasks with just a single click.

Request a Blueprint

To reach out to XRay.Tech and request a blueprint for your company, just click the button below to book a Zoom meeting. We'll dicuss your current processes and software and explore how we might integrate one of our workflow blueprints into your systems.

Book a Blueprint Discovery Session

Not sure where to start with automation?

Hop on a 15-minute call with an XRay automation consultant to discuss your options and learn more about how we can help your team to get more done.

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