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The XRay Method

Knowledge workers are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of tools, tedious tasks and ambiguous processes that they have to deal with daily.

XRay analyzes every aspect of your business and tools to discover opportunities for automation.

We’ve developed the XRay method to make it easier for people to let their tools work for them, to turn repeatable tasks into effective automations, and to define processes with simple documentation.

It's simple.

Humans should do human work,
and robots should do robotic work.

Here’s how we make that happen.

The XRay method is a way to leverage the tools and processes you already use in a more efficient, connected, and transparent way to better achieve your business goals.

In this overview, we'll take a quick look at each of the main aspects of the XRay method, while the articles in our blog take a deeper dive
into each topic.

Day-to-day Operations

Every day, there are four components to the work that you and your team engage in: Software Tools, Business Processes, Robotic Work, and Mindful Work.

1. Software Tools

We perform more of our tasks than ever via software. Compared to older technology, using modern apps already gives us a substantial boost to productivity.

But there are still largely untapped benefits. Much of the work we do in software can be automated, and any task that’s automated can be tracked to gather key metrics.

Understanding your business processes and the distinction between human and robotic work will help you decide what you should automate.

2. Business Processes

Business processes are all the activities you perform for your company. Every company’s business processes consist of a mix of Robotic Tasks and Mindful Tasks.

3. Robotic Tasks

Robotic tasks don’t require human input. They typically consist of moving data from one database or program to another, and they’re the tasks that we aim to automate.

4. Mindful Tasks

Mindful tasks require uniquely human traits: creativity, analysis, strategy, and thoughtfulness. They’re the tasks we want to create more time for by automating robotic tasks.