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Custom Workflows:
Projects and Memberships

XRay can help you automate mundane tasks so your people can focus on doing important work.
Whether you want to build a single project or start a membership to transform your business, our experienced team will analyze, automate, and document your workflows.

XRay analyzes every aspect of your business and tools to discover opportunities for automation.

Our Process


Explore the Possibilities

Meet with XRay’s workflow designers to analyze your business processes and discover your team’s best opportunities for automation.

Build a Solution

Once we understand your goals and your challenges, our automation engineers will build a prototype automated solution.

User testing with your team will determine what needs to be fixed before final delivery.

Maintain and Innovate

A completed automated workflow is just the beginning. If you continue working with XRay, we’ll expand on our initial work to build automated systems that support your entire company.

Technical and Strategic Workflow Leadership

Once you've established the infrastructure required to automate a workflow, you unlock the ability to automate so much more. 

That's why our Fractional Chief Automation Officer (CAO) service is so popular among growth startups.

Want to learn more? Book a call to learn more about a CAO Membership.

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Amplify Your Best People by 2x or More in 90 days.

Get Inspired with XRay's Tutorials

Check out our blog for in-depth, step-by-step tutorials and automation guides. Start learning and building for free.


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