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January 31, 2022


Hours Saved Each Month


Leads Processed Each Month


Automated Steps in This Workflow

Membership Objective

Improve Squared Away’s Inbound Lead Handling Process to save time for their Sales Team

The Challenge

Virtual assistant agency Squared Away needed automations to support their Inbound Lead Handling Process.

The Solution

We constructed an automated workflow that replaces several steps of manual work with automated messages and actions. New leads receive automatic emails with scheduling links, while automatic notifications keep Squared Away’s team in the loop. Additional workflow refinements such as Contract Templates have also contributed to time saved and reallocated.

The Results

Squared Away previously spent 6.5 hours each week contacting inbound leads and sending contracts. XRay’s automations reduce that process to about 5 minutes.

“XRay has helped to clear up tedious tasks so I can focus more of my time on personalized client interactions, fielding unique questions, and generally being more proactive. All the while, our clients feel more informed than ever.”

Jordan Cole
Director of Sales

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