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XRay.Tech • Bounties & FAQs

Bounties are a quick way for anyone to submit a custom automation project to XRay.Tech. Just tell us about the workflow you'd like to automate and how much you can budget for the project, and we'll give you our answer within a couple days.

Bounty Submission

This form will create a bounty for XRay.Tech to review and respond to. Our technicians will evaluate your proposed budget, timeline, and stated process to determine if they can claim your bounty and deliver your solution. It should take between 5-15 minutes to submit.

Once you complete the form below, you should expect to hear from us within 48 hours to let you know whether we've accepted your bounty, are unable to help, or if we want to propose a counter offer.

If you’re interested in a long-term automation partnership, please consider becoming an XRay member. You can learn more about XRay memberships and contact us here.


Tip: Great bounties are thoughtful about goals for the specific process, and include clear and relevant details.


Tip: Faster turnaround times will require a higher budget. Conversely, a lower budget project may be feasible with a longer turnaround time.

Submit Your Bounty

Please answer the questions below about your process.

Be clear and specific about the workflow you would like to automate. Make sure to focus on the goals you want to achieve and the value it will create for you and your team.

We look forward to creating more time for you soon!

⏳🍀Good Luck,
The Robots & Humans @ XRay 🙌



You can provide your official title, or just describe your role at your company.

We use this to link your bounty to you and your company. We won't spam your inbox.

People and departments that touch this process should be listed below.

For example, is data missing? Is the process prone to user error? Are the steps manual and time-consuming?

Paste the shareable URL of your Loom video here.

Visit XRay.Tools to build your toolbelt. Paste the link below.

If your tools are not on XRay.Tools, please list them after the URL separated by a comma.

Example:, Loom

Thank you! Your submission has been received!
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